Louis C.K., perhaps my favorite comedian working today, is gearing up to host Saturday Night Live this weekend, and NBC’s promo for the show proves the irreverent comic is ready and willing to laugh in the face of Sandy. Oh, and there’s a Halloween joke or two as well.

This Saturday we’ll be treated to Louis C.K., stand-up comedian and star of FX's Louie, on the SNL stage with Fun as the musical guest. The man promises (while wearing a rain slicker and being buffeted by fake wind and billowing newspapers, no less) that it will be “live from New York,” as usual, in spite of Hurricane Sandy’s recent battering of the city. Come high winds or, apparently, buckets of water thrown at him from just off camera (note to SNL staff, warn people before throwing water at them), Louis and the SNL crew are ready to make you laugh.

Although Halloween will officially be over when the episode airs, the promo slips in a few thematic pranks. Louis chats with the “ghost” of Bill Hader (cue maniacal laughter), receives a gift of flowers “for his grave” (more maniacal laughter), and slips in a “your mom” joke, too. I suspect that Halloween jokes aside, we will be enjoying plenty of political comedy on the last SNL installment before Election Day. Politics and foul weather…now there’s a spooky recipe for Halloween.

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