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A professionally funny host isn't required for a funny Saturday Night Live episode, but it certain doesn't hurt. Comedian Louis C.K. proved that last night when he hosted SNL and delivered a number of funny moments, including a great opening monologue that was really more of a stand-up routine than anything else. Check out the highlights ahead, including the director's cut of the Lincoln sketch.

Among the best moments of the episode were the opining monologue, which had Louis C.K. doing some stand up about a recent airport exiernece, and "Hotel Fees," which was an amusing bit about the lengthy process of checking out of a hotel and approving all of the fees. The opening sketch, which focuses on Bloomberg addressing the city about Hurricane Sandy involved a lot of funny sign language, was also pretty good. And finally, as goofy as it was, the "Last Call" sketch, which closed out the episode, had me laughing out loud.

And then, of course, there was Lincoln, a segment that turned Louis C.K.'s FX comedy series Louie into the same show if it centered on Abraham Lincoln, complete with revised opening sequence and a Lincoln stand-up routine. We also get to see Lincoln interact with his wife. NBC released the directors cut of that sketch, which you can check out below. We also have the musical performances by fun. and the Weekend Update sketches.

Director’s Cut: Lincoln
Lincoln is a sitcom that looks at some of President Abraham Lincoln's more private moments. Dress rehearsal version.
Bloomberg's Hurricane Sandy Address Cold Open
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his animated translator address the city days after Hurricane Sandy hit land
Louis CK Monologue
Comedian Louis C.K. performs stand-up about New York getting its power back after Hurricane Sandy and helping an old lady at the airport.
Fox and Friends: Hurricane Sandy
The Fox & Friends morning team welcomes Donald Trump who has another offer for President Obama and a FEMA worker who has valuable Hurricane Sandy recovery tips.
Lincoln is a sitcom that looks at some of President Abraham Lincoln's more private moments.
Australian Screen Legends
Australian Screen Legends looks are the amazing career of film couple Tess Davies and Graham Dixon
Fun.: Some Nights
Musical guest fun. performs their hit "Some Nights."
Weekend Update Favorites: 11/3/12
Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers catches you up on the latest headlines, including Hurricane Sandy news.
Weekend Update: Mitt Romney
Seth welcomes presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and asks past statements regarding FEMA.
Weekend Update: Kourtney Barnes
Seth welcomes social media expert Kourtney Barnes who talks about the impact of social media on the 2012 presidential election.
Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party
Seth welcomes the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party and gets some obtuse answers to questions about the 2012 election.
Mountain Pass
When an adventurer reaches an important mountain pass, the signaling from his ram's horn bothers the local residents.
Hotel Fees
A man in a hurry is held up while the front desk hotel clerk reviews the laundry list of charges for his stay
Fun: Carry On
Musical guest fun. performs their hit "Carry On."
Last Call
Strangers hit it off during last call after a very long night of drinking.