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When one door closes, another one opens. That's what they say, anyhow. Turns out this logic may hold some water, as just hours after learning that Fox's Gotham may be losing Falcone crime family gangster Fish Mooney, we've now learned the series has just added Bruce Wayne confidant Lucius Fox.

According to Deadline, Chris Chalk, has officially been tapped to play Fox. The actor, who's probably best known from his roles in
The Newsroom and 12 Years A Slave, will appear in Episode 21 (airing May 6) of the ongoing Season 1 with the “option to return in Season 2.” That would give Chalk only two potential appearances in the series to decide whether or not he'll take them up on their second season offer. With the former Homeland star's upcoming calendar looking fairly wide open, we see no reason why he wouldn't stay onboard at least through Season 2.

Chalk's character Lucius Fox is known as Bruce Wayne's mentor and business manager as well as the Wayne Enterprises' tech wizard. In Len Wein and John Calnan's original '70s source material Fox was the long-running CEO of Wayne Enterprises but most of us have come to define him through Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman's embodiment in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy.

While Fox aids Wayne in his business activities, it is only alluded to that he is aware of his employer's secret identity. It should definitely prove interesting to see Chalk put a fresh spin on the role.

Gotham is exec produced by Bruno Heller and follows DC Comics' police rookie James Gordon as he investigates the high-profile murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, thus forming a bond with their son Bruce. While fighting crime in Gotham City we see Gordon help shape Wayne's future superhero persona The Caped Crusader while also learning the origin stories behind some of the great Batman supervillains like Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Two-Face and more.

Audiences have really taken to Gotham, many believing the series to be severely underrated. Although some probably see Jada Pinkett Smith's recent comments regarding her likely departure from the show as a bummer, the news shouldn't come as all that big of a shocker. Her character Fish Mooney has taken quite a beating over the first season and if showrunner Bruno Heller's statements regarding the potential deaths of major characters are to be applied, her expected exit probably won't be all that graceful either.

Fox's Gotham resumes April 13 with its final four episodes.

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