Lucky 7 Cancelled: ABC Pulls Lotto Drama From The Schedule After 2 Episodes

Well, at least we got to see some of the lucky lotto winners in ABC's new drama Lucky 7 blow a bunch of money on fancy clothes, bags and shoes, right? That's about all the celebrating the series had left apparently, as ABC is reportedly canceling the drama after just two episodes, making Lucky 7 the un-lucky pick to be the first cancellation of the season. Given the series' ratings, it's not all that surprising.

Deadline posted the news today, stating that after two episodes, ABC has pulled the drama from the schedule. The series debuted to an audience of 4.43 million viewers, and those numbers dropped to 2.63 million for its second episode. Such a low number was a strong indication that the series was on its way out, as the likelihood that the show's numbers would improve for Episode 3 weren't good. While Deadline says the show is cancelled, they also say that "discussions are underway whether to stop production immediately," which seems like an indication that the cancellation process is underway but not entirely official yet.

Lucky 7 centered on a group of gas station employees who pooled their money for a lotto ticket every week. When their numbers came in, they all became millionaires. Of course, each of them has some personal drama they're dealing with, and this onslaught of money and local fame seems to be bringing all of it to the surface. For example, the sweet and generous Denise -- one of the Gold Star winners -- is convinced her husband is cheating on her. He's definitely texting someone he refers to as the Cable Guy. During Tuesday night's episode, Denise sent a text from her husband's phone setting up a meeting with "Cable Guy" and that just so happens to be the title of the episode that was supposed to air next Tuesday. And that's just one of the plots left hanging.

On one hand, Lucky 7 was really just-ok from the start, so I won't pretend to be devastated by this news. But on the other hand, two episodes wasn't enough for me to tune out just yet, as I think it had potential to get better and I was hoping it would. When a series starts off terrible and gets cancelled due to low ratings, that's one thing. But if there's a chance for improvement, as was the case with this one, it's frustrating to see it cut loose so soon. And as Deadline points out, the series had very little marketing and no established lead-in, as it aired following new comedy Trophy Wife. Alas, it's looking like ABC is planning to cut their losses on this one, and the series will go the way of Windfall, another failed series about "lucky" people who win the lotto and also have a lot of drama in their lives.

On the bright side, ABC will put Scandal reruns in the Tuesday 10:00 p.m. timeslot starting next week until they figure out what to put in that spot permanently. As for the produced, unaired episodes, there's no word on whether or not ABC will ever show them. Come on, ABC. We want to see the Cable Guy! Well, I do, anyway.

If you didn't see the show, watch the trailer for it here.

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