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MTV Passes On Lauren Conrad's Reality Show

According to Lauren Conrad, MTV doesn’t think their viewers are “savvy enough” to appreciate her reality show.

Entertainment Weekly posted statements from Conrad and MTV’s Head of Programming on the subject of Conrad’s reality series. Apparently, Conrad (Laguna Beach, The Hills) did a pilot for them showcasing her work on her fashion line but MTV decided to pass on it. The statement EW got from MTV Head of Programming David Janollari said that they were considering using the footage for some kind of special but that appears to be up in the air at the moment, “There were talks about whether we could somehow manage to put together a special based on that footage but that’s also a big question mark based on her interest in that and the finances. We love her! We would love her on our network!”

By “love her on our network,” from what Conrad says, it sounds like they mean they would love more of her on their network. Conrad sent a statement to EW, stating that she’s really proud of the show but that MTV felt the matter was too “high brow” for their viewers. They apparently offered her the opportunity to add in more of her personal life into the show. Here’s part of the statement:

“We agreed going into the project that this show would be an aspirational one, focusing on my career and my goals and not my personal relationships. We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it.”

I think MTV’s missing an opportunity here and underestimating their viewers (or potential viewers). Reality shows that focus on work-related ventures are entertaining on their own level and continue to be popular on other networks. Conrad’s a known name and fashion’s a popular enough subject. Maybe the show wouldn’t have been Jersey Shore huge without a train-wreck hook to rope in a wider viewership but between Conrad’s fans and all of the young people out there interested in the fashion industry, there surely would’ve been an audience for it.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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