Magic City Season 1 DVD Bonus Feature Highlights Miami Beach In The Fifties

Magic City suffers from a bit of a glitzy title, but Starz was confident enough in the show’s look and storyline to renew it for a second season before the premiere even aired. With Season 2 guaranteed, even if you missed Magic City during its initial run, it may be a period drama worth looking into when the Season 1 hits Blu-ray and DVD in a set that promises to be chock full of special features. To get us pumped, Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment have even released a sneak peek at one of the bonus features with the upcoming set.

Magic City tells the story of a Miami club owner in the 1950s who is stuck under the clutches of a prominent mob boss. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the series follows a world that is always straddling both black and white morals in a never-ending quest for power and riches.

Like any good period piece, the details are nearly as important as the story, which is why it is no surprise Anchor Bay Entertainment would choose to put together a set focusing on many of the historically valuable products and settings used in the series. Magic City: The Complete First Season will feature extras ranging from historical Miami to some of the sweet cars used during filming. The 'sneak peek' bonus feature, “Miami Beach: The Real Magic City," explores some of the key people and places related to Miami Beach in the fifties.

Magic City Bonus Features

  • Starz Studios: Magic City
  • The Cars of Magic City
  • The Style of Magic City
  • Building An Empire
  • The Golden Age of Music
  • Miami Beach: The Real Magic City

Magic City: The Complete First Season Blu-ray and DVD hit the market on October 2.