HBO’s Liberace biopic, Behind the Candelabra is shaping up nicely at the subscription cable network, with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas going to great efforts to pull off some suave 70s costumes and haircuts as the famous pianist Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson. Although the upcoming TV movie doesn’t have a release date, yet, it is expected to premiere sometime in the spring of 2013, and it’s high time fans have been given a closer look at the actors portraying the famous couple.

Way back in July we got a first look at the famous couple, which depicted the two men sort of hidden behind some frosted glass. The new image, reported by Buzz Sugar, is far clearer and gives us a view of Douglas and Damon’s character’s sense of style and fashion. While the two daytime costumes are pretty subdued, well, besides the accessories, considering some of the get-ups Liberace indulged in during his day, both looks feel very period fashionable and not so flamboyant that they seem out of place or ridiculous.

While this image may seem a little subdued, Damon has promised us plenty of glitz and glimmer, telling Indiewire he “probably spent more time in the wardrobe fittings on this thing than (he) had in the previous 15 projects, literally." I’m guessing that feathery blonde hairdo may have taken even longer.

We’ll let you know as soon as HBO announces an official release date for the project

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