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It seems like there could be some big change-ups in the world of daytime TV in the coming year. Joy Behar is definitely leaving ABC’s The View and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is rumored to be out the door, as well. The rumor mill has been pretty busy lately, with news outlets also reporting NBC’s Today host Matt Lauer may not get a contract renewal in early 2014. On Thursday, NBC spoke out about the potential dismissal, noting Lauer can stay as long as he wants.

Lauer’s Q score has dropped along with the ratings for Today ever since NBC botched the removal of Ann Curry—a move that some blame Lauer for. Whether or not Lauer is at the heart of the Today changes, out of that acts ashes have come the rumors of the 55-year-old’s removal, as well. However, NBC News executive Alex Wallace, who oversees Today, recently told the New York Times the rumors are nothing but smoke and mirrors.
“We are aware of all the ridiculous rumors and gossip. We would like Matt Lauer to be in the chair as long as he would like to be. We hope that’s for many years to come.”

NBC recently attempted to do some damage control for the network’s leading man, stating he was against firing Ann Curry and even offered to resign after the ill will from viewers began. However, the press may have been too little, too late. Good Morning America is now the daytime ratings queen, and we’ll have to wait and see whether Today is ever able to regain its crown.