If I ever get a television show, I better make sure not to hire any female producers. Those chicks get pissed and sue ya! A former producer for the “Maury Povich Show” is suing Povich and other staff members for $100 million over alleged sexual harassment.

Bianca Nardi claims a “sexually charged atmosphere” was created by Povich and Donna Benner Ingber. Um.. this sounds more like a Jerry Springer episode. Besides the fact that the only people I’ve ever met named Bianca were strippers, I find some parts of this story to be dubious in nature. Honestly, has she seen the show? Strippers and trannies prance across the stage all the time. She just now realized it was a sexual show?

She charges that executive producer Paul Faulhaber forced her to watch porn, show her breasts, and dress suggestively. Of course, she only worked there for a short time, right? Oh no, six years baby! Six years! Yeah, I’m having a hard time buying this story. However, what the hell do I know? I didn’t even realize Maury Povich was still on the air much less able to harass young women. If it’s true, it’s sad. If she’s making this up, it’s pathetic.

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