What better way to spruce up a comedy series than by bringing in an award winning actress? Fox is set to bring Breaking In back at some point during Midseason next year and it looks like a big change is coming to Contra Security, as well as to the show.

Given the fact that Breaking In was nearly cancelled, big changes seem inevitable if this comedy stands a chance at making it. According to Deadline, funny-lady Megan Mullally is being brought on board to play a role in the Fox comedy series. Breaking In stars Christian Slater as the head of a security company that finds flaws in their clients’ security systems by breaking into their homes or establishments. When Season 2 picks up next year, Megan Mullally’s character will be taking over the firm, becoming Oz (Slater)’s boss.

As Deadline notes, this casting addition is just one of many “significant creative changes” Adam F. Goldberg’s series will see. The series will apparently be moving away from the “mission of the week” format we saw in its first season and more toward a office-based comedy. While I can see that working, and as a fan of Mullally, I’m remaining optimistic that whatever chances are made help secure more viewers for the series. But Breaking In was funny in its first season. It just needed a bit more time to grow and develop. Hopefully these changes turn out to be for the better.

Meanwhile, Deadline also notes that the cast, which includes Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley, Michael Rosenbaum and Odette Annable, but says Annable might be in fewer episodes. They imply that her role on House (also on Fox) may limit her availability for Breaking In.

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