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What's more heavy metal than the Iron Throne? A metal version of the Game of Thrones theme song, perhaps. Some talented YouTuber shared his fantastic metal cover of the theme song for the HBO drama series, and it's worth checking out, especially if you like it loud.

As a proud TV geek, it's always a joy to witness displays of geekery, creativity and talent combined. In fact, just yesterday, we shared the video some talented LEGO builders made parodying the Game of Thrones theme song using LEGOs. It's impressive, and it has me wishing LEGO would release a Westeros series. On the subject of Game of Thrones, today, we came across this excellent metal version of the theme song…

We only get to see the guitar part being played, but still, it's clear the guy has some serious skills! And it's great to hear the familiar song amped up a bit. If you're a metal fan, YouTube user 331Erock has a bunch of other metal covers worth checking out.

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