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Mia Kirshner To Star In Lifetime Movie The Perfect Surrogate

Lifetime is pulling a few more big names in for a TV movie – this time they’ve cast Mia Kirshner alongside David Julian Hirsch and Rachel Blanchard for The Perfect Surrogate, which kind of sounds like a The Hand That Rocks The Cradle taking place prior to the baby’s birth instead from what’s being offered about the plot.

Kirshner, who recently did an arc on The Vampire Diaries but is best known for The L Word on Showtime, will star in the movie, which is being shot in Canada. Kirshner is Canadian – as are the other two stars, but David Julian Hirsh should feel the most at home since the movie is being filmed in Montreal, his hometown. Adrian Wills will direct the movie which will air in Canada on The Movie Network and Movie Central.

The plot for this one, according to The Hollywood Reporter surrounds a couple who want a baby badly and turn to a surrogate to make their parenthood dreams come true. Unfortunately, the surrogate turns out to be somewhat less than perfect. There’s no info on which actress will play the hopeful mother and who will play the surrogate, but I guess it’s pretty obvious which role Hawthorne’s David Julian Hirsh will be taking on.

It seems like making a Lifetime movie is the thing to do these days, with Lindsay Lohan’s starring role as Liz Taylor it seems like the Lifetime movie is pushing to go beyond the reputation for over-the-top melodramas. Although I have to say that this one sounds like prime melodrama material from the spare information on the plot. Still, I’m a Kirshner fan since Canadian indie film Exotica, so I’m usually on board to check out anything she does.