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NBC’s A Michael Bublé Christmas is set to air tonight. Whether you’re a fan of his or of the guests that will be making an appearance on the hour-long variety show, we have some clips to show you, one of which features Justin Bieber, and another that has Kellie Pickler performing alongside the beloved Canadian crooner.

Based on these clips, it looks like viewers should anticipate a combination of music, humor and good old fashioned Christmas spirit when A Michael Bublé Christmas airs tonight. In addition to what you’ll see below, which includes Bublé and Bieber joking around, and part of a performance of “White Christmas” with Kellie Pickler, Oscar the Grouch will also be in attendance, as will Naturally 7. Tracy Morgan and Ed Helms will be bringing the laughs to the party as they’re featured in the comedy shorts.

A Michael Bublé Christmas airs Tuesday, December 6 on NBC (8-9 p.m. ET).