Between his feature film credits and his small screen work, Michael Showalter has made a name for himself both in front of and behind the camera. In the works for the writer/actor is They Came Together, a spoofish romcom that re-teams Showalter with his Wet Hot American Summer co-writer David Wain. He's also set to team with Christina Lee for a single-camera comedy My Boss is My Roommate for Fox.

Deadline posted word of the Fox project, stating that Showalter and Lee were set to executive produce My Boss is My Roommate through Warner Bros. The Fox project is described as a romantic comedy about "a new kind of odd couple." Robert is the brash and entitled boss, while Kate is his reluctant but loyal employee. They end up moving in together at a time in their lives when things are falling apart for both of them.

Given the romantic comedy element, not only might we assume that Kate and Robert are destined to fall for one another, but it might not be a stretch to wonder if Showalter's foray into the world of rom-coms for They Came Together could have inspired him to explore the genre further with a television series.

It should be very interesting to see who's cast in the pilot, assuming things go well for this project. My immediate reaction to this news was to hope that Showalter might get his Michael & Michael Have Issues co-star Michael Ian Black on board to star, but between They Came Together and Wet Hot American Summer, Showalter has had access to a number of great actors (Paul Rudd, Ed Helms, Christopher Meloni among them, in addition to Black). So who knows? Either way, I'd love it if Black were on board with this in some way, if not the lead than in some other role.

Showalter and Lee teamed up previously through Warner Bros for the multi-camera comedy pilot I Hate Your Friends, but that project didn't work out. Hopefully My Boss is My Roommate has better luck.

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