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The Middle Thanksgiving Preview: Molly Shannon Guest Stars

While next week’s episode of The Middle will see Frankie going green, the week of Thanksgiving will feature a guest appearance by Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live). We have some photos from the episode for you to check out.

“Thanksgiving III,” which airs the Wednesday after next, will have the Hecks celebrating Thanksgiving with Frankie’s side of the family. This includes Frankie’s sister Janet, played by Molly Shannon. Apparently, “widely differing parenting techniques” will play a part in the plot of the episode. Below are some photos, some of which include Shannon, which give us an idea of what the Hecks are in for when it comes time to give thanks.

Frankie's parents, Pat (Marsha Mason) and Tag (Jerry Van Dyke), invite the Hecks to spend a few days at their house to celebrate Thanksgiving together. But the festivities begin to fall apart quickly when Frankie's sister, Janet (Molly Shannon), and her family also join in, and soon the siblings are at each other's throats over their widely differing parenting techniques. Meanwhile, Mike tries to offer some advice to Axl on how to pick up girls when he witnesses his son trying to impress a pretty mini-mart cashier - and fails miserably; Brick attempts to prove his innocence when he is accused by Janet of damaging her daughter's expensive toy; and Sue is stoked when Frankie, Pat and Janet invite her to take part in their gossip sessions, on The Middle, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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