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Following a landmark ratings year, Adult Swim is happy to bring back plenty of its programming and will be adding plenty of new content to its programming slate. The animation-based cable network will bring back 16 series in the coming months and has signed on for eight new programs. Among these are a few quarter-hour programs, a program from former Community showrunner Dan Harmon, and the most weirdtastic sounding program of them all—an animated comedy featuring boxer Mike Tyson.

Let’s start with the latter one, because Mike Tyson’s show sounds like one of the most absurd programs I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve seen a lot of strange animated television. The show will be called Mike Tyson’s Mysteries and will follow Tyson as he solves mysteries on the streets. Despite having a magical tattoo, he doesn’t have the mad skills it would take to solve mysteries alone, and so Tyson has enlisted the help of an explicit pigeon to help him in his endeavors. The exquisite-sounding show will air in quarter-hour installations on the network.

Other than Mike Tyson’s Mysteries, Adult Swim has picked up Rick and Morty, a half-hour comedy about an inventor and his idiot grandson from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. New quarter-hour animated programs include Mr. Pickles, a show about a satanic dog from Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, and King Star King, about a punk rock line cook who used to be a god, which is coming from JJ Villard. Two live action quarter-hour comedies have also been picked up. The first is called Your Face Is Going To Hell, and will follow an associate demon who is working up the corporate ladder in the underworld. That one’s from Dave Willis and Casper Kelly. The other live-action program is Hot Package, which will follow a fictional Canadian pop news program and will star Derrick Beckles.

I did promise eight new programs, and the final two shows that Adult Swim plans to roll out are specials. Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem will follow the Metalocalypse dudes on a brand new adventure and will run for one hour. In 2014, Adult Swim plans to roll out the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, where the Robot Chicken guys will do their thing with characters from the DC Comics universe. If you are a DC Comics fan, that special may be the most exciting thing on the new menu, but I’m still holding out for Tyson and the pigeon.

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