Milo Returns To 24 recently reported that Eric Balfour will be returning to the cast of ‘24’ for season 6. Longtime fans of the show will remember Balfour from season 1 as Milo Pressman, one of the tech geeks. He was only in the show for a couple of hours and spent the bulk of that time standing in for Jamey (who was found to be a mole) and helping Jack locate his wife.

Milo was basically a much more laid back version of Chloe. He’s the kind of guy who snacks while working and has a sort of stoner-savant attitude. While there’s been no official word on what role Milo will play in the sixth season of ‘24’, one could speculate that he’ll fill the role of Edgar as Chloe’s right hand man. After all, what good is Chloe without someone to boss around and talk down to? (that’s why we love her, right?!). As Milo never had an official exit from ‘24’ (he just sort of disappeared) its likely that since season 1, he’s been working at other government agencies doing what he does best - hacking and cracking (codes).

‘Buffy’ fans will remember Balfour as Xander’s friend Jesse in the pilot episode. Jesse didn’t make it past the pilot of ‘Buffy’ though. He succumbed to the common Sunnydale disease (vampendusteditus). ‘Six Feet Under’ fans might remember Balfour in his role as Gabriel, the footfetish-having boyfriend in the earlier seasons of the show. He's also played a number of minor roles in TV and films over the years.

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