Those hoping to see Mitt Romney hit the Saturday Night Live stage will have to wait – perhaps indefinitely. SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels says there’s no room for a visit from Romney this season; with only three episodes left, they can’t fit him in. Next season is still up in the air, but it will be a while before word comes down.

The last we heard, Romney was giving the invitation from Lorne Michaels due consideration, but hadn’t yet decided if he wanted to come on the show and take a stab at self-mockery. It seems though that the decision has been removed from his hands for the moment. Deadline says Romney won’t appear on the show this season. The last remaining episodes of the season are “pretty jam-packed” according to Lorne Michaels, who also said that a visit from Romney “might be in the fall”. However, Mitt Romney might be a little tied up come fall, what with that whole Presidential election and all.

So no Romney for SNL this season, and a big maybe for next. Meanwhile, SNL has yet to give us word on who will host the final episode of the season. Eli Manning will host with musical guest Rihanna this coming Saturday, and the week after we’ll get a return visit from Will Ferrell with musical guest Usher. We’re also still waiting on word regarding the future of three players on the show, one of which is Jason Sudeikis, who usually does the Romney impressions. If he leaves, they might just need the real guy come next season.

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