A Montage Of Great Breaking Bad POV Camera Shots

There are plenty of reasons to praise AMC’s Breaking Bad, among which is the clever way the series often includes strange character angles to give us a different perspective on what the characters are up to. These brief snippets of scenes often add a unique look to what might otherwise be a fairly mundane moment.

A video made its way onto YouTube today which combines many of the inanimate objects’ point-of-view camera angles used in the series. Compiling them into one video does a fine job of showing how cool some of these angles are, in addition to reminding us of various moments of the series as shown through the “eyes” of a shovel, washing machine, soda fountain and other useful props featured in the series. What’s more, the video is set to Jonathan Elias’ “Move,” which actually makes the compilation feel almost like a dream-like music video. Nice job and thanks for sharing, Youtube user Kogonada.

In news unaffiliated with the above video but related to Breaking Bad, those of you who love the AMC drama series enough to want to win a walk-on role for the upcoming fifth season still have time to enter AMC’s sweepstakes, which is open until January 16th. (Here are the rules.)

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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