More Two And A Half Men Season 9 Spoilers: The Gory Details On The End Of Charlie Harper

For those of you who are interested in knowing what’s to become of Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper when Two and a Half Men returns, there’s a rumor going around that explains how Harper will be written out of the show. The details are pretty gory. Major spoilers ahead!

Despite the supposed secrecy of the plot details for Men’s upcoming season premiere, information has been leaking out fairly steadily. Whether or not some, most or all of it is true remains to be seen. To catch you up, if you haven’t been spoiled yet (turn back now if you don’t want to be!), word is that Season 9 will pick up with Charlie Harper’s funeral, which will feature appearances by past girlfriends. At some point, people will come to look at the house, hoping to buy it. This part may include some celebrity appearances, as well as the introduction to Ashton Kutcher’s character.

Assuming the rumor about Harper being killed off is true, we didn’t know how it would happen until now. TMZ is reporting that, according to a source who was at the taping of the episode, Charlie will be hit by a subway train while honeymooning in Paris with Rose. There’s an implication that Rose pushed him onto the tracks, possibly as revenge for him cheating on her during their honeymoon. The words “meat explosion” are used to describe what happens to Charlie’s body when it hits the train.

If this is true, gross. Heck, gross even if it’s not true, and kind of dark (to say the least) for a situation comedy, no? I’ve weighed in with my opinions on Harper being killed off already. I’m not a regular viewer of the show, so I have no personal stake in any of this, but I do think the fans may feel cheated by Harper’s death. Having him killed off in such a disturbing way may rub viewers the wrong way, considering many of them have been tuning in to watch Sheen’s character for eight seasons.

According to Reuters, Jon Cryer wouldn’t confirm how Harper dies, but he does say that “it’s funny.” Perhaps fans will think so too. Meanwhile, Cryer also had good things to say about Kutcher, saying the actor “tore the roof of the joint” during Friday’s taping.

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