Attention fans and potential fans of NBC’s Outlaw, if you want the Jimmy Smits legal drama to stick around you’d better start tuning in on Friday nights as the network appears to be very close to calling it quits on the show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC halted production on Outlaw, which means its not cancelled (yet) but they aren’t going to make any more episodes until they see if the ratings improve. So they’ll continue airing the show (there are eight episodes already made that have yet to air) and see how things go.

If they really wanted to give the show a chance, they’d move it away from Friday nights. Still, the notice is more than Fox offered Lone Star and ABC offered My Generation, so fans do have a shot at keeping this show around if there’s really a demand for it.

On a related note: Am I alone in feeling less compelled to watch a TV show when news breaks that the series is close to cancellation? It’s hard to want to get more invested in a TV show when you know there’s a good chance it won’t be around much longer and you may be left with an unfinished story.

Still, if you want to give the show a try, below is Outlaw's pilot episode:

Outlaw airs on Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

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