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After having the opportunity (nay, the privilege) of previewing the pilot for NBC’s upcoming hour-long drama series Parenthood, I can say with all certainty that it’s definitely worth checking out when it premieres on March 2nd. We have a video to share with you, which in addition to showing you numerous clips from the pilot episode, also features some of the cast from the show as well as exec-producer Ron Howard (who wrote and produced the 1989 film, which inspired this new series) as they talk about the show.

Much like the film, Parenthood the series follows a large family as they deal with the challenges of parenting. This video below should give you a pretty good idea of what the series is all about as well as the intention of the show. I think my favorite part is when Lauren Graham compares the show to the Broadway musical “Cats.”

And on a related note, in an effort to give something back and promote the series, NBC has partnered with the Boys & Girls club of America. They’ve launched and are asking users to offer their own definition of what “Parenthood is…” For every entry submitted, either on the site or by Twitter, the network will donate $20 to the Boys and Girls Family Strengthening Initiative. The Initiative’s goal is to improve the lives of children, parents and the community.

Ways To Participate (Limit 1 Donation Made Per User):

Twitter: All fans have to do to submit is to use the hashtag #parenthoodis, followed by their personal definition or explanation.

• Example: #parenthoodis a constant labor of love or #parenthood is pretending to be a fairy princess in public & not caring who’s watching

The only thing to remember is that the tweet must include the hashtag #parenthoodis. Users can submit a :20 video, a photo or text in 10 words or less something that shows what “Parenthood is...”

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