NCIS To Explore Abby Sciuto's Past In Special Flashback Episode

On NCIS Abby Sciuto is known for her signature goth pigtails, but also for her overall energy and ability to throw herself into whatever crazy tasks may come her way. The forensic specialist has a lot of diverse interests and a hyped up personality, and looking into how she grew up and became the person she is today is something CBS’ criminal procedural has wanted to explore, and will now be doing so very soon.

In February, NCIS will indulge in a flashback episode that will show little Sciuto growing up. Showrunner Gary Glasberg first leaked the news to TV Line, noting that child actress Brighton Sharbino will fulfill the role, taking over for series lead Pauley Perrette. Glasberg also noted the series wanted to go way back to Sciuto’s childhood to tell a tale of how the forensic specialist became involved in investigating people and clues, so fans will be seeing her at age 10.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the showrunner wants to explain how Sciuto began dressing the darling way we’ve seen her throughout the veteran TV series.

“From clothing choices to her hair, how she carries herself, things that she says… there are lots of great little prizes in this episode.”

Cute goth kid costumes or no, flashback episodes are great because they share personal information about characters that fans would probably never be privy to, otherwise. Sometimes, however, they can be a little distracting, as well. The good news is, Glasberg and the show seem to know exactly where they want the February episode to go, and with the right tone and finesse, it should prove to be one of the good ones.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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