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It looks like the NCIS franchise is preparing to spawn another spinoff. CBS is planning a planted spinoff in an upcoming two-part episode of NCIS: LA, which itself came out of a planted spinoff in the original NCIS series. That show started off as a planted spinoff too, of JAG. It’s really quite the family tree, and a new addition may be on the way.

This season of NCIS: LA is expected to introduce a team of agents who both live and work together and move from place to place across the country solving crimes. So far, Deadline says the spinoff is without a title, but is being written and executive produced by Shane Brennan, executive producer on both NCIS series. Brennan came on board the original NCIS in Season 4, and that show is now in its tenth season. He worked on NCIS: LA from the start and moved his focus that series, now in Season 4, last year.

The proposed new spinoff would bring NCIS on par with CSI at a total of three series, which also used a planted spinoff in CSI: Miami to create CSI: NY. NCIS would have more series actually on the air though, since the Miami version of CSI was cancelled this past spring. NCIS has been well ahead of the older CSI in the ratings and is among the strongest in its genre on television.

The new characters around which the spinoff would be written will show up later this season and shouldn’t be hard to spot.