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Nick Frost Demonstrates How To Give A Hug On Conan... With Conan

Nick Frost appeared on Conan last night to promote The Adventures of Tin Tin and things got awkward and really funny when the subject of hugging came up. Check out the video and see the laugh-worthy hug-fest that ensued when Frost demonstrated the proper way to hug. Somehow, fellow guest Bob Costas got in on the action.

Shaun of the Dead fans will likely recognize Frost for being the title character’s closest pal in the funny zombie film. He’s also apparently known for giving good hugs. The subject came up during his visit with Conan last night. Watch it in the video below (the hug conversation comes in at about the 3:30 mark).

“What a hug should do, essentially, is make you feel good. For me, the perfect hug... What I want to feel is chest, tummy, thighs. I want them all to join...” Frost explains. He compares this to some American hugs, which are, “shoulder to shoulder... and then fist in the back.”

The above video makes me want to hug him.

“I want you to wear me like a skin suit.”

Conan airs weeknights at 11/10c on TBS.

Kelly West
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