When a show comes back from the dead to return to regular programming, there are often two feelings that accompany the event for fans. First, there is a feeling of excitement, and second, there is a feeling of worry that said program will not be able to live up to its former glory. This happened recently with the reboot of Arrested Development (turns out, there was not much to worry about) and will be happening again when Fox’s hit program, 24, returns to the schedule in a limited series with the brand new title 24: Live Another Day. The great news about Fox’s reboot is that the network plans to keep a lot of the original and integral people from the original run involved with Live Another Day.

Signing on Kiefer Sutherland was obviously the first big step after Touch was cancelled, but there is still work to be done in order to sign on many of the other key team members who were involved with the program in the past. On Wednesday, the network announced that Jon Cassar is also on board to be a part of 24: Live Another Day. According to THR, Cassar will direct the first two episodes of the 12-episode event series.

Cassar worked for numerous seasons on the early run of 24, directing 59 episodes of the drama between Season 2 and Season 7. In a statement, the man spoke out about his excitement to return to the series since he wasn’t a part of the show during Season 8.
"I'm very happy to be renewing my relationship with the 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine family and am excited to call 'action!' again on the set of the resurrected 24. Considering I was not involved in season eight, this new 24 event series gives me the chance for closure on a show that is very important to me.”

Cassar isn’t the only production crew member set to return for 24: Live Another Day. Howard Gordon and TV writer David Fury will also be part of the team. Hopefully, they'll be just the first few of many return engagements.

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