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Obama's State Of the Union Scheduled For January 27th

While the Lost premiere may be secure in its timeslot as the President preps for the State of the Union Address, American Idol and a number of other primetimes shows aren’t. The date has been set, which means more than likely, the major networks will have to bump their regularly scheduled programming to make room for President Obama’s address.

According to, Obama’s State of the Union Address has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th. There was some concern that the address might take place the following Wednesday, knocking the much anticipated Lost premiere off the air, however it was previously announced that that wouldn’t be the case.

Setting the date for the 27th means Modern Family, Cougartown, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds and the super-popular American Idol won’t be airing (unless the major networks decide not to air the State of the Union Address and that seems highly unlikely). As Idol is still in the audition process, I doubt it’ll be difficult for Fox to find a spot to air whichever episode was set to be shown that night. All the same, I’m sure plenty of Idol fans will be disappointed that the show isn’t on that night. However, the backlash there probably won’t hold a candle to the outrage we would’ve seen from Lost fans if the premiere episode of the final season had been bumped.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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