It's no an easy task narrowing down the absolute best episodes of The Office's nine season run. The series has delivered some gems over the last decade. In its efforts to showcase the humor that can be found at a typical American office work place, The Office has delivered numerous installments worth celebrating. Many of which took place within the first four or five seasons, when the comedy series was at its prime. And, by our count, all of which took place during the reign of Michael Scott.

Here's our list of the Top 10 Office episodes, listed chronologically...
"Halloween" (Season 2, Ep. 5)
Most of the episodes on this list are here because they feature a moment or two that will go down as one of the classic Office scenes. That’s not really the case with “Halloween”. In fact, the Season 2 episode in question doesn’t really boast anything of long-term importance. What it does offer, however, is one of the most consistently funny and Office-y episodes of the show. It’s the type one would show to a buddy as a test of whether or not the person would enjoy getting into the series.

After being told he needs to fire an employee, Michael procrastinates for an entire month before he’s finally forced into action on the last day of October - Halloween. With everyone dressed up in costumes, he calls Creed into his office, but the crazy old man turns the tables on him and convinces him to fire Devon. It’s a great moment for Creed, and an even better window into Michael’s soul. In addition, “Halloween” also features a hysterical Jim prank in which he lands Dwight a job interview he never asked for, and a small but key moment in Jim and Pam’s long road toward love in which she lets the salesman know how much she likes having him around the office.

The Injury
"The Injury" (Season 2, Ep 12)
Coming immediately after "Booze Cruise," when Pam and Roy recommitted to their engagement and Jim confessed his crush on Pam to Michael, "The Injury" had the challenge of picking up those emotional threads… and dropped all of them. Instead the episode hands Michael the most Michael Scott-like injury imaginable-- a burnt foot on a Foreman grill set up so he can wake up to the smell of fresh bacon-- and uses it to allow all of the still-developing characters to grow into the most concrete versions of themselves. Except Dwight, of course, who changes entirely.

The parallel stories of Ryan grudgingly caring for Michael while Pam slowly realizes something's off with Dwight build up in tension and absurdity until the episode reaches its undeniable climax, with Jim driving Dwight and Michael to the hospital in Meredith's van ("You can't fire me, I don't work in this van!") The episode has so many of Season 2's best jokes, from Jim spraying Dwight with the plant mister to Creed revealing he'd been in an iron lung as a teenager, but it's also a landmark episode for Dwight, establishing Pam's affection for him that never quite goes away even when the concussion does, and revealing Dwight and Angela's romance to Pam for the first time. It's screwball comedy pacing that wraps up with well-earned emotional beats, a balance of high comedy and story that the show rarely achieved again.

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