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Spoilers from tonight's episode of The Office - "Stairmageddon" - ahead!

Remember how Andy became obsessed with the feedback he was getting over the documentary promo? Well, it looks like The Office is taking that even further, with Andy setting his sights on Hollywood and superstardom. Apparently, his own frequent refreshing of his banjo video has resulted in him believing he's a hot commodity and should be pursuing talent agents. And once again, he's neglecting his work responsibilities, but what else is new?

Dwight seems to be taking advantage of that distraction. Stanley's reluctance to go on a sales call might be due to the fact that "Stairmageddon" involves the elevator in the building being broken. Does Dwight still manage the building? Is all of this a ploy to make people take the stairs? I'm flashing back to the time he left Phyllis on the side of the road on the wrong side of town just so she'd have to walk all the way back. Dwight is not to be trusted!

We also know that Roseanne Barr is guest starring, and I'm thinking she may be a talent agent that Andy manages to get a meeting with. Based on this other clip, it looks like Andy has some competition in the talent department.

Those poor mice! But am I wrong to still be fascinated by the mice on a cat on a dog trick? If he could work a lion into that equation, or maybe an elephant… Aren't elephant's scared of mice? Or is that just something I picked up from Dumbo? Regardless, seeing the mice on that cat reminds me of this recent viral video of the cat who rides around on his cycle-riding owner's shoulders. Maybe the mouse-cat-dog guy needs to get online. He could have more than 250 views by lunchtime!

The Office airs Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.