The Office: Watch Last Night's Excellent Garage Sale Episode Here

If ever there was a “classic” episode of The Office, it was the one that aired last night, which included a big moment for Michael. We also got to watch the rest of the Dunder Mifflinites trade junk at a warehouse garage sale. If you missed it, or want to rewatch it, you can check the full episode out here!

For the benefit of those who haven’t watched the episode, I won’t post any major spoilers before the video. I do suggest you watch the episode though, which was very funny and reminiscent of the earlier years of the series. Watch and enjoy!

Spoilers from the above posted episode ahead!

Some classic moments from the episode:

“That’s Dallas.” – It was great to see Kevin get the last laugh against Darryl and Andy and their made-up Dallas board game rules. I also appreciated the return of Andy’s southern accent, which apparently in his mind doubles as a Texas accent.

Dwight’s determination to trade his way up to the best item in the sale was classic, as were his methods of manipulating people out of their stuff. The fact that Jim managed to secure the telescope in exchange for magic beans was the cherry legume on the cake.

The proposal was perfect. From Michael’s early attempt to propose by fire (or massive explosion and accidental suicide) to getting it sort of right by enlisting his co-workers to hold candles and propose to her. It was almost like he wanted to (semi-playfully) prove she’d say no to all of the other men in the office before saying yes to him. The yoda impressions were a sweet reminder of the first day they met and the sprinklers coming on prove that on The Office, marriage proposals work better when things get wet… at least for the ones that are meant to last.

Kelly West
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