Did you miss yesterday's Olympics coverage because you were out enjoying your Sunday, or spending time outdoors, or otherwise living your life? Don't worry-- we've got you covered. NBC's website collects videos of virtually everything that goes down at the London Games, and we'll help you cull through all of it, picking out the 5 best moments from yesterday's events. From Andy Murray's Wimbledon revenge against Roger Federer to a touching moment between two track stars who never thought they could race against each other, here are the 5 best moments from the Olympics yesterday.

#1 Usain Bolt Wins The 100M Dash
Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. We've known this for a long time, and yet he continues to amaze us every time he runs, smoking the competition so drastically that it's like nobody else is even trying. Bolt ran for a time of 9.63 seconds, breaking the Olympic record and putting him ahead of competitors like American Justin Gatlin (who won the bronze) and fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake (who took silver). Click the above image to see Bolt celebrate his victory.

#2 Andy Murray Defeats Roger Federer For The Gold
If you followed Federer and Murray's match at Wimbledon just weeks ago, it made yesterday's gold medal match all the more fascinating, as Murray so thoroughly dominated Federer it was never really a contest. And yet, the home team crowd was so thoroughly behind Murray that it felt like a momentous occasion anyway. Click the above video to see the highlights of the match, and Murray's genuinely emotional victory.

#3 Kirani James Exchanges Bibs With Oscar Pistorious
Pistorious, the paraplegic who had to petition to run the 400M in the Olympics alongside able-bodied athletes, finished last in his semi-final heat, ending what was an utterly unlikely Olympic competition from the very beginning. But in an amazing show of respect for Pistorious, that heat's winner Kirani James asked to exchange bibs with him at the end of the race. Watching Pistorious run the race on his carbon fiber legs alone was remarkable, but seeing how much his fellow athletes respected him as a competitor was truly great. You can see that entire race by clicking the image above.

#4 McKayla Maroney Wins The Silver In Vault
This is a bittersweet moment for sure, since as the NBC announcers couldn't stop reminding us, Maroney's individual gold in vault seemed guaranteed, especially given her incredible performance at the Team All-Around competition last week. But she failed to stick her second vault, handing the gold medal over to Romanian Sandra Izbasa. Watch both of her vaults-- which are very, very good on their own-- by clicking the above image.

#5 Jessica Ennis Wins The Women's Heptathlon
Haven't heard of Jessica Ennis? That's probably because you're not in England. The British athlete has been one of the biggest hometown breakout stars of this year's Games, and yesterday she secured her fame by winning the heptahtlon, a grueling track and field event that consists of seven individual challenges. You can watch Ennis's final race, running the 800 meters, by clicking the image above. Please be sure to take note of her abs, because you know those will be the envy of Britain for years to come.

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