The One Superhero Grant Gustin Wants The Flash To Team Up With

Although it’s only in its first season, The Flash has already featured its titular protagonist teaming up with DC's elite. Barry Allen joined forces with Arrow protagonist Oliver Queen, he’ll be meeting Firestorm for the first time this week, and he’ll work alongside Ray Palmer, the future Atom, in a future episode. For series star Grant Gustin, however, there’s only one superhero who he has his eye on fighting alongside, and this guy also happens to be faster than a speeding bullet: Superman!

During a CW Q&A, Gustin was asked which DC superhero he would like Flash to team up with, and he named the Man of Steel. Here's how he put it.

Anyone that kind of knows me knows the answer to this. I'm going to say 'Superman,' even though he's a DC god and I'd be shocked if we ever got that to happen. But, I'd love for that to happen.

Unfortunately for Gustin, the chances of a Superman/Flash team-up happening on TV anytime soon is slim, as the actor is clearly aware. Conceivably, Superman could appear alongside The Arrow or Flash if Supergirl is acknowledged as taking place in their universe, but even then, the logistics of including him without overshadowing the other heroes would be complicated. Still, if DC and Warner Bros ever decide to expand on the multiverse concept between the movie and TV universes before The Flash goes off the air, then perhaps someday Gustin will have his wish fulfilled. And then we can see this excellent image happening for real.

The Flash Superman

In addition to being teammates on the Justice League in the comics, Superman and Flash have teamed up in a variety of animated shows and video games, from Superman: The Animated Series to Injustice: Gods Among Us. They will appear alongside each other in live-action for the first time in Justice League: Part One, which will feature Ezra Miller as The Fastest Man Alive and current Superman Henry Cavill. Regardless of which Flash teams up with which Superman, there obviously has to be the classic race between the two heroes. We know Flash would win (nothing can outpace the Speed Force), but it would nonetheless be exciting, and possibly hilarious, to watch.

You can check out the full Q&A video with Gustin below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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