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So, who is your favorite TV host? There are so many to choose from – what with the morning shows, daytime shows, late-night shows…how could you narrow it down to just one? A new poll has been released, and the results are very telling.

Oprah Winfrey is no longer the queen of the talk show hosts! Ellen came in from the sidelines and has been titled the new champion according to the poll taken by AOL.

The most popular morning host is:

30% Diane Sawyer
26% Matt Lauer
25% Meredith Vieira
10% Robin Roberts
9% Harry Smith

The favorite daytime host is:

46% Ellen DeGeneres
22% Regis Philbin
19% Oprah Winfrey
7% Barbara Walters
5% Martha Stewart

Best late-night host:

41% Jay Leno
34% David Letterman
10% Conan O'Brien
9% Jimmy Kimmel
6% Craig Ferguson

And, the most important, least sexy host of all time:

54% Larry King
25% Whoopi Goldberg
10% Jay Leno
7% Joy Behar
4% Carson Daly

There are more categories, and you can see them all at AOL Television . I would like to add that I am outraged that Stephen Colbert only received 5% of the vote for sexiest. He should have won that category with 99%! I love you Stephen!