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Oprah Winfrey’s first year at her network, OWN, has been marked with strife and original programming missteps, as well as ratings failures. January 1st will mark the start of a second year for the network, and according to Winfrey, there’s no chance she will be giving up on OWN any time soon.

Yes, some mistakes were made. Who hasn't made mistakes? The real beauty is you can say, 'I learned from that. I don't worry about failure. I worry about, 'Did I do all I could do?'

Winfrey is determined to take what she can from the past year and move forward. According to an interview with The Associated Press, Oprah herself may have made a misstep, as she let her management team make key decisions while she focused on the final days of The Oprah Winfrey Show. However, the long-time talk show host is ready to fight in the trenches for her network.

I realized the reason people have this tone is they're reading all the press (about OWN), so you see me and wonder if I can still walk ... I am a determined and committed woman. I don't give up. I'm just getting started.

It’s refreshing to see Winfrey not backing down and acting like outside factors were all at fault for OWN’s problems. By owning up to the network’s issues and looking to the future, OWN, at the very least, seems to be in competent and optimistic hands. Plus, with Oprah’s Next Chapter set to premiere in the new year, alongside the relative success of original shows such as Sweetie Pies, a rocky start doesn’t exactly equate to failure.

Sunday, January 1st marks OWN’s second year in business. It also marks the premiere of Oprah’s Next Chapter, a show that will follow Winfrey as she jets around the world and interviews interesting people and celebrities in interesting places. It’s about time the content featured on OWN actually brought to prominence its leading lady. I have an inkling bringing Winfrey to the forefront may be just what the network needs to send its ratings chugging in a new direction.