The Originals, Reign And The Tomorrow People Get New Posters

The Tomorrow People

The CW's getting a bit more super next season with the arrival of The Tomorrow People, one of the new shows set to debut this fall. The new poster puts series star Robbie Amell front and center, with co-stars Peyton List over on the left and Luke Mitchell on the right. If "Different is Dangerous" as the tagline says, we may want to watch out for that trio, as they're about as different as it comes.

Based on a British series, The Tomorrow People centers on a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities. Stephen Jameson (Amell) is one of them, and the series begins with him just discovering that about himself as he's introduced to a strange, exciting and dangerous world he didn't know existed. If the name Amell's ringing a bell, you may be an Arrow fan. Robbie Amell's cousin is Arrow star Stephen Amell. With that in mind, not to mention the "super" side of this story, it's fitting that The Tomorrow People would be set up to air after Arrow. The series debuts Wednesday, October 9.

Moving on to the next poster, we have The Originals

The Originals poster

Spinning off from the popular vampires saga The Vampire Diaries, we have The Originals, a series about the Original Vampire family, including Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), as they settle down in New Orleans, a city that's now run by Kaus' former protegee, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). The poster shows us Morgan in the center of the trio in the back, Gillies (in the trio on the right) and Holt (all the way on the left), with Davis looking comfortable in his seat up front. The term "Bad Blood" probably has multiple meanings, when we consider the vampires' appreciation for blood and their long history, which may involved some unresolved disputes. The Originals debuts Thursday, October 10.

Finally, there's Reign

Reign poster

Reign appears to be the CW's latest attempt at a period drama, joining The Carrie Diaries in that regard, except taking it a few centuries back, as it centers on a young Mary, Queen of Scots. The poster shows Adelaid Kane in the center as Mary, and behind her, Torrance Coombs and Toby Regbo. The series centers on Mary as a teen, as she arrives in France with her four closest friends as her ladies-in-waiting, and prepares to formalize her arranged engagement with the French King's son, Prince Francis. "Love is the most dangerous subject" is the poster's tagline. And from what I've seen of the pilot, Reign looks like a teen drama trying to be a period drama. Or maybe the reverse. Maybe both. Reign premieres Thursday, October 17.

Also coming up are Star-Crossed and The Hundred, but those are on deck for midseason, so we may not see the key art for those until later this fall or early January, depending on when CW aims to get them on the air.

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