Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic adaptation has added one more to its cast. Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce has signed on for the TV movie, playing the role of Bart Winslow, the eventual husband to Heather Graham's Corrine. In addition to Graham, he joins previously cast Ellen Burstyn, Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka.

Based on VC Andrews' book, Flowers in the Attic centers on four kids who are confined to a small bedroom and the attic of a huge mansion while their mother attempts to regain her father's love and her inheritance after her husband dies. The 1979 novel was adapted for a feature film starring Kristy Swanson in 1987, but anyone who's read the book knows the film didn't measure up, so Lifetime taking a shot at the story is an opportunity to get the adaptation right. As mentioned, Heather Graham's among the cast. She's set to play Corrine, the mother who locks her kids in an attic. Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka is on board to play Corrine's daughter Cathy, while Mason Dye will play oldest child Chris. Twins Cory and Carrie have yet to be cast. Meanwhile, Ellen Burstyn will play the cruel Grandmother Olivia.

And TVLine confirms that Dylan Bruce will play Bart Winslow, citing a Tweet the actor posted celebrating the news:

In addition to Orphan Black, Bruce's credits include The Bay, NCIS and As the World Turns. He's also set to appear in Arrow.

I haven't rewatched the Flowers in the Attic movie in a while, but I don't remember Bart being a huge character in the original film. But since the movie ends with Corrine's wedding, I know the character was around. Casting a more established actor for the part in Lifetime's movie makes me think/hope we'll see a bit more Bart in this adaptation. In the book - some spoilers ahead - Corrine keeps her relationship with the promising attorney Bartholemew Winslow from her kids for a quite a while. In fact, Bart is part of the new life Corrine begins to establish for herself while her kids waste away, malnourished and abused in the attic.

Bigger book spoilers ahead! Bart is actually seen more than he is heard in Andrews' novel, as he's really just the guy that's stolen their mother's heart. Chris and Cathy glimpse him while they spy on the Foxworth Christmas party, and they get a better look at him when they start sneaking out of their bedroom to creep around Foxworth Manor. But we don't really get to know Bart as a character until the second book, Petals on the Wind, when Cathy grows up a bit and sets out to exact revenge on her mother for what she did to them. And she does it a bit more scornfully than simply attacking her with a cookie.

With the above in mind, I'm hopeful this TV movie doesn't end with Cathy attacking her mother with a cookie. Wouldn't it be great if it left the story open and offered room for a sequel?

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