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BBC America’s Orphan Black is one of the most exciting shows on TV, and lead actress Tatiana Maslany has proven herself to be one of the small screen’s most impressive performers. Of course, not that many people know that, given the show’s limited audience, but that could change soon as it goes into Season 3, as AMC Networks will be airing the Season 3 premiere across all of its U.S. networks, which will hopefully bring in millions of new fans for the little clone drama that could.

In what seems like an unprecedented move for cable science fiction, the Orphan Black will debut its new season on BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv and, of course, AMC itself. This will definitely be the first time that AMC, who co-runs BBC America with BBC Worldwide, has ever used its entire network lineup to air simultaneous programming. It’ll be like a State of the Union address, only instead of President Obama, we get to see Helena going nuts while Cosima tokes up.

In all honesty, I don’t think IFC, SundanceTV or WE tv will bring about a very notable uptick in viewers, since their own original series aren’t ratings monsters. But Orphan Black showing up on the flagship network, AMC, could be huge. After all, that’s the place where The Walking Dead has been high atop the mountain of cable viewership, and where the new drama Better Call Saul broke a ratings record for a cable series debut. And the network has largely avoided original sci-fi programming, so maybe a surge in viewers would get execs more excited about genre shows in the future.

The only thing really working against Orphan Black is the fact that it airs on Saturday nights, which BBC America has used for years to air Doctor Who and its other original series. It’s the worst night of the week for consistent viewership, and even a move to Friday nights would probably have a huge effect. But for now, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that AMC’s plan will be a smashing success.

After all, Season 3 is going to be the biggest one yet for Orphan Black. Season 2 ended with some major characters biting the dust, and new ones rising to take their place. Ari Millen will presumably get a lot of the spotlight as the newly revealed male clone. (Or as hundreds of male clones, I guess.) Check out the first trailer for Season 3 below.

Orphan Black will makes its multi-network debut on Saturday, April 18.

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