Outlander Trailer For 'Rent' Questions What's Worth Fighting For

I hate to break it to you Outlander fans, but the Starz drama's first run of episodes has reached the halfway point. We're actually at the quarter-point of the 16-episode first season, but only eight of those episodes are airing this year and we've already seen four of them with four to go. "Rent" is next, and it's a good one! The above preview for the episode teases more questions for Claire. But it looks like Claire has some questions of her own.

The trailer addresses an interesting question: Is the future already decided? Of course, Claire has inside information on how history is meant to play out, but does that mean it can't be changed? Whether or not that's the case presumably remains to be seen. In the meantime, as Jamie Fraser points out, "A man has to choose what's worth fighting for."

Here's the official description for Outlander's "Rent":

Claire joins the MacKenzie rent-collecting trip. To her horror, Dougal uses Jamie's scars to gain sympathy for the Jacobite cause. Claire recalls that a defining moment in Scottish history is fast approaching.

Back during Comic-Con, we spoke with Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander, and one of the things he talked passionately about was how important the Gaelic is. He also talked about getting to speak uninterrupted Gaelic in the speeches he does during the rent collecting part of the story, and -- vague spoiler alert -- that's what's coming up in this Saturday's episode. We've heard the characters speaking Gaelic before, but "Rent" is a particularly great episode in that respect. Graham McTavish is pretty fantastic, and -- as the above description implies -- this episode opens up the story a bit as it relates to Dougal's motives.

In other news, did you catch Diana Gabaldon's cameo during last Saturday's episode, "The Gathering"? The Outlander author was among the guests at the gathering...

Mrs. Fitz's seeming backhanded compliment about how well she wore that dress to the last gathering was a great little moment. Gabaldon wasn't the only cameo in the episode. Series showrunner Ronald D. Moore also dropped in for the titular Gathering. THR has a photo of his appearance, in case you didn't catch it.

Outlander airs Saturday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz. As mentioned, this Saturday's episode is the fifth among the first eight to air this year. The remaining eight episodes of Season 1 are expected to air in 2015, and then there's the already-confirmed second season to anticipate.

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