ABC is moving into The X-Files territory with a paranormal investigation series coming this summer. The network has ordered Weird Desk straight to series to join the new drama Mistresses on the summer of 2013 schedule.

The series will focus on a secret organization that gathers and investigates strange intelligence and reports from the CIA and the NSA. Due to the odd things, from UFOs to other paranormal happenings, that pass to the desks of its investigators, the organization has earned the nickname of the “Weird Desk”, which invokes images of a strangely designed piece of furniture. Deadline says the series comes from the U.S. branch of the Canadian production company Shaftesbury, marking their first sale of a project in America, and is being written by Stargate’s Carl Binder and The Librarian’s David Titcher.

At the head of the Weird Desk team is a socially hopeless, stubborn and yet highly intelligent man named Morgan. Alongside him and often keeping him alive is his partner Rosetta, who has been trained by special forces. Definitely sounds like a page out of the X-Files book, right down to the male/female investigation team.

With Fringe wrapping up its final season there seems to be a move to find the next show to fill that void. A&E has also been working on a pilot for Occult, another series with a very similar premise about FBI agents investigating paranormal occurrences. ABC has given Weird Desk a 13-episode order, so it will have the summer to prove itself on a tough and already very-well done concept.

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