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Parenthood only wrapped up its sixth and final season back in January, but the creator of NBC’s family drama, Jason Katims, is already looking to revitalize the series. At a For Your Consideration panel this weekend, Katims announced that he is already trying to figure out if there could be a way to revisit the Braverman clan in the future.
I really do love the idea of doing something in the future with the show… I could see coming back and doing a limited, like an eight-episode arc or something like that. It would be driven by: Is there another story to tell? And start with that and then from there to see … whether there was any possible way of getting everyone together at some point in the future to do it.

Considering Parenthood’s only been gone for a few months, the fact that Jason Katims is considering revitalizing the series might seem a bit bizarre. However, the NBC series has always had a pretty loyal following, and it’s smart for Katims to lay the groundwork now if he wants to bring back the series in a limited event form. It’s also not out of the question. During its six-season run, NBC’s series was given varying episode orders by the network, so Katims and co. should easily be able to adjust to whatever episode order a limited season might be thrown.

Skip this paragraph if you aren’t caught up with Parenthood and haven’t seen the finale, please! Spoilers abound. It’s kind of weird that Parenthood might come back, considering how eloquently the series wrapped up. Zeek passed away in his comfortable chair. Then, the show flash forwarded through the Braverman clan’s respective futures, with Millie traveling and Joel and Julia having more children. Max graduated and Ryan was involved with his son’s life, while Amber found happiness. The story wrapped up nicely and tidily, and I’m not sure a future Parenthood season would be all that beneficial for the series.

Parenthood may not eventually return, of course. Katims notoriously wanted to create a movie based on Friday Night Lights after the NBC and DirecTV venture ended its run. By 2013, the potentially for a Friday Night Lights movie had fizzled, as the series leads moved on to other projects. (Currently Connie Britton can be found on ABC’s Nashville while Kyle Chandler stars in Netflix’s Bloodline.)

THR reports that Katims is looking more at a limited series than a movie this time around, and maybe one day NBC will bite. The network, after all, is currently in the middle of bringing Heroes back for a season, with Heroes: Reborn set to premiere in the fall of 2015. Former Parenthood star Craig T. Nelson is also part of another revitalization project. He’s set to star in the return of Coach, which earned a series order just a short time ago. There’s no telling if the trend of pulling shows from the past and reworking them for another TV run will continue, but if they do, Jason Katims will be waiting.

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