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Tense times are ahead for the Braverman crew, but what else is new, right? We have a couple of videos from this Tuesday’s episode of Parenthood, titled “Road Trip.” Videos containing minor spoilers and drama ahead!

Parenthood returns with a new episode this Tuesday night and from the looks of it, Zeek’s so intent on giving his mother a good birthday that his determination creates tension among the whole family. Below is NBC’s official description and further down are the clips, which illustrate the less than fun atmosphere surrounding the Braverman vacation.

IN AN ATTEMPT TO PLEASE HIS MOTHER ON HER BIRTHDAY, ZEEK FORCES A LAST MINUTE ROAD TRIP WHICH STIRS UP MANY EMOTIONS AND ISSUES FOR THE BRAVERMAN CLAN – Seeking his mother’s approval, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) demands the entire family caravan on a road trip where they encounter many road blocks along the way. While spending time on the road, Adam (Peter Krause) connects with Haddie (Sarah Ramos), Sarah (Lauren Graham) confronts an embarrassing issue with Drew (Miles Heizer) and Julia (Erika Christensen) learns to appreciate Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) odd personality. Meanwhile, Kristina (Monica Potter) struggles to enforce a harsh punishment she gave to Max (Max Burkholder) for acting out.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.