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Parenthood Season 5 Teaser Is Emotional In A Good Way

NBC is finally airing promotional segments for Season 5 of Parenthood. The one above is full of happy moments. Namely, it seems Kristina has taken the necessary steps and kicked her cancer to the curb, which is awesome news, since I don’t think I could have stood seeing Monica Potter in so much pain for another season, and I certainly didn’t want to see them kill the character off. I’m still annoyed (but not surprised) that Potter was snubbed by the Emmy's this year. I know cable has great stuff going for it, but seriously, last year Potter’s performance was where it was at.

Other great moments from this preview include Amber and Sarah actually getting along and making wedding plans, and since Matt Lauria is returning to the series, Amber’s relationship with his character needs to go somewhere. A wedding is probably going to be a mess, though, between Amber and Ryan’s different emotional problems, so I’ll hold on to the hope that the wedding comment was a joke from Sarah. We also get to see Hank (Ray Romano) pop up in the trailer, which is good news for fans who liked the funnyman on the show. It’s yet to be determined whetherHank's return will be good news for Sarah, however.

Parenthood is returning to NBC’s schedule this fall, and for a full season order at that. That’s extremely exciting news for fans, but the more exciting bits in this intimate new trailer for Season 5 are the high moments for our characters shown in the short new teaser for the series. Anyone who has seen an episode of Parenthood before knows we often get to see characters like Adam, Sarah, Crosby, Amber, and Jasmine make plenty of mistakes. When we get feel-good moments with the characters, they are worth cherishing, and I can’t wait to see how the plotlines pan out when the show hits the schedule.

It’s hard to surmise much from such a short 30-second promotion, but I can’t wait to delve back in to the world of the Braverman clan. Parenthood has always been a show that requires a high level of emotional investment, but if you do take the time to watch the series, the family drama always feels really, even in its worst moments (and even when Julia decided on the unlikely career of stay-at-home mom). With 22-episodes slated for the new season, we should get to see more from the characters and what is going on in their day-to-day lives. Clearly, I’m a huge fan of the series, but even if you’ve never watched, it may be worth giving a shot.

Parenthood is set to premiere its new season in a brand new NBC Thursday timeslot on September 26 at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden

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