Though NBC expressed hope for The Playboy Club last week, news broke this morning the program was being dumped after all. This is bad news for the minute portion of the population invested in the program, myself included, but good news for fans of Brian Williams, whose news show Rock Center will take The Playboy Club’s place in NBC’s lineup.

If it’s good news for Brian Williams fans, it’s even better news for the Parents Television Council, which is aggressively celebrating the cancellation. The PTC has been on a roll for the last couple of months. In August, they groaned about Adult Swim for a while, before pulling a 360 and focusing on the now-defunct The Playboy Club. Perhaps they should join forces with the study group focusing on proving Spongebob is inappropriate for young viewers.

Of course, that cannot happen until the PTC is finished celebrating its victory via press releases and commentary. According to Reuters, PTC president Tom Winters is extremely excited about the NBC development. Said Winters:
We're pleased that NBC will no longer be airing a program so inherently linked to a pornographic brand.”

Winter’s also hopes the major networks will "heed the important lessons of this programming debacle."

Today may be a victory for the PTC, but it’s a loss for viewers interested in female-focused period piece shows. I guess we’ll have to stick with the ridiculous and the soddy sap brought to us by ABC’s Pan Am. At least Carol Lynne was a real character.

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