Another Saturday Night Live star is moving on to a new stage of his career it seems. Word is that Paul Brittain is exiting the SNL – and no two weeks notice here, his departure is immediate, as he won’t be appearing in this week’s episode, hosted by Channing Tatum.

EW broke the news that the featured player, who has been with the show for less than two years, has parted ways on a friendly note with the show. The only explanation being offered is that he plans to “pursue other projects”. Perhaps he’s looking for a career in film, a move that has had mixed results for other SNL alums. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to share the stage with Justin Bieber? Whatever the reason, Brittain sure is making a quick exit.

Brittain was known for characters such as “Sex” Ed Vincent and also did impersonations in SNL skits including James Franco, Ron Paul and Johnny Depp. Although he’s certainly not as well known as other funnymen to come and go from the long-running show’s live stage, Brittain created some memorable characters and I’m hoping his “other projects” will have him bringing the laughs again soon. Check out Brittain’s “Sex Symposium” with “Sex” Ed Vincent one more time:

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