Paul Rudd hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time, and given the episode’s proximity to the arrival of the Anchorman sequel in theaters, it wasn’t entirely a shock that there were some great celebrity appearances in the episode, as Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and David Koechner stopped by for a little “Afternoon Delight” with Rudd and One Direction. The song, that is. Just to be clear. And they reappeared (minus Carell) later to revive the “Bill Brasky” sketch.

Unfortunately, the “Afternoon Delight” opening monologue isn’t among the videos NBC shared from last night’s episode, and that’s no surprise as sketches that contain songs rarely pop up online (in any official capacity, anyway) the day after. With that in mind, also missing from the videos is the sketch that had Paul Rudd and Vanessa Bayer playing a divorcing couple who both love the same song. Rudd has some seriously gif-worthy moves. Alas, that one's not available either, so we’ll start with “Bill Brasky,” which closed out the episode:

The Anchorman 2 stars weren’t the only celebrity guests during last night’s episode. Kristen Wiig popped in during the cold open to help us realize that the only thing missing from The Sound of Music Live was Dooneese.

We also heard the sound of music in the One Direction sketch, which had Paul Rudd enthusiastically interacting with young and excited OD fans:

Taran Killam reprised his role as 1860’s newspaper critic Jebediah Atkinson to review classic holiday films during “Weekend Update”. Spoiler alert: He hates all of them.


You can watch the full episode below:

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