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January 2012 is still a ways off but fortunately, we don’t need to wait until then to get a peek of Liam McIntyre suited up and ready for battle in Starz’ Spartacus: Vengeance. Some excellent photos of the actor in costume and in battle have been released for Season 2 of the Spartacus series.

McIntyre was brought on board to take over the role of Spartacus after Andy Whitfield had to give up the part due to his ongoing battle with cancer. While I’m sure diehard fans have their reservations about anyone stepping in to fill Whitfield’s shoes (Boots? Sandals? Anyone know what Spartacus wears on his feet?), if McIntyre is as good as he looks in these photos, I think we're going to be ok here. And by good, I mean really pretty (in a manly, swordy, leather-underwear sort of way).

Entertainment Weekly posted the photo above, along with two others, which feature Spartacus amidst a fight somewhere in ancient Rome. One of those is below and you can check out the other one here. I feel bad for him in this next picture as it seems someone dirtied up his sword with their blood.