I don't usually care about the Hollywood gossip. Stories about two really rich, good-looking people squabbling over some pettiness is of little relevance or interest to my life. However, every now and then there comes a story of a Hollywood encounter between two intelligent and well respected people, that strikes an interest beyond the tabloid. Such is the case during a segment on this evening's Piers Morgan Tonight when guest Seth MacFarlane tells a pretty interesting anecdote about a testy encounter with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

These are two of the leading figures when it comes to satirical comedy (I'd throw Matt Groening, Trey Parker and Matt Stone near the top as well), always attempting to provide their viewers not only laughs but often some rather biting social commentary. You would think that these two comedians would agree on most subjects, and when you hear MacFarlane talk about Stewart, well, I've never seen the man tip-toe around anything so it's clear that there is a degree of respect there (and probably an adverse opinion on spreading more gossip and stoking more fires).

Of course, that is exactly what a good host like Morgan is supposed to do with his guests... prod them until they say something more than your typical sound-bites. They try to create a rapport with their guest, gain some trust (as Morgan tries to ally himself in the 'fight' against Stewart, even though he makes it clear that he also respects the satirist, most of the time) in order to get a juicy morsel that otherwise might be left unsaid. For all his trying, MacFarlanne does discuss the incident, even if only with kids-gloves, and how Stewart telephoned him quite angry, ready to debate, after Family Guy poked fun at (skewered) The Daily Show for airing a live episode during the writer's strike.

Listen to MacFarlane tell the story, it's kind of odd to hear this side of Stewart but also to see how reluctant and tame MacFarlane is on the subject.

Piers Morgan Tonight airs every night at 9 p.m. on CNN (with the MacFarlane episode tonight). The Daily Show airs Monday-Thursday at 11p.m. on Comedy Central. Family Guy and American Dad (I refuse to include The Cleveland Show) air Sundays at 9 and 930 p.m. on Fox.

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