A Pile Of Wood Meets Its Destiny In Netflix's Hot New Trailer For 'Fireplace For Your Home'

“A pile of wood meets its destiny” in this hot new official trailer for Netflix’s Fireplace for your Home programming. Gone are the days when the crackling log programming goes without a trailer to promote its fiery awesomeness. We’re living in the Netflix era and in the case of Fireplace For Your Home, I’d say a trailer is warranted, if only to remind Netflix streaming subscribers that they can squeeze a little more juice out of their subscription by streaming all of the yule log and instrumental Christmas tunes they can handle on their TV sets.

Goofy or not, the trailer reminds us that Netflix does offer two separate Fireplace episodes, as well as a third episode, which is DVD only. There are two hour-long episodes included in the streaming option, one of which features the crackling yule log set to holiday music, while the other is just the yule log, making all of its snaps, crackles and pops with no music behind it, for those who want to play their own music. The second option may actually be preferable to those who plan on replaying the log over and over all day, as you’ll only get an hour's worth of music in the first episode anyway.

Those not averse to spoilers might want to check out some of the reviews for this series’ on Netflix’s page, including this one, which ensures viewers that this fireplace series is not a Hollywood remake…

Despite what some other critics have said, this series is NOT a Hollywood Remake. This is the original crackling fireplace we all remember from our living rooms, filmed on location in Washington State. Episode 1 serves an outstanding introduction to the series, showcasing both a crackling fire, and a marvelous fireplace inside someone's home. To the viewer's delight, the fire spreads (Spoiler) to the other two logs in the fireplace! And boy when that happens, the fire really gets going. Things start to smolder a little towards the end of the first episode, but ep 2 lights a whole nother fire. There are some similarities in plot, setting and characters used, but ep 2 has a symphonic yuletide score underlying the entire episode, as well as some stark differences in the burn patterns that appear on the logs.With the strong reviews ths show has been getting, I'm confident Miramax will develop this beloved series into a full length feature (bonfire?), or maybe an NBC reboot with a more modern take on the series (gas fireplace anyone?). Overall a fantastic series that is a pleasure to watch again and again. 5 stars! Yule Luv It!

“Yule Luv It” gets 5 stars from me. But there’s another review on there that claims the performances are rather wooden and only gives Fireplace For Your Home three stars. I guess you can’t please everyone.

Look behind the scenes of the making of Fireplace for your Home in the video below:

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