Political Animals Will Not Return For Season 2

Greg Berlanti and Laurence Mark’s “limited series,” Political Animals, will not be returning to the airwaves for a second round at bat. On Friday, USA network announced the limited series would not be getting a renewal. However, in fine form, Bertlanti says he doesn’t regret the experience at all.

Today, Berlanti spoke out on Twitter to discuss his experiences with the series calling Political Animals “rewarding” and one of the “best” things he has accomplished. The man also doesn’t seem to have any qualms with USA cancelling the project, and why should he? Despite critical success, the series did not share the same viewer achievement, only averaging a little over 3 million viewers per episode.

“The cast, the crew, writers, studio and USA were all a dream to work with. We all got to make what we set out to. Couldn't be more proud!”

Another reason Berlanti may not be too bent out of shape over the lack of renewal is because Political Animals played out like a miniseries on the network. According to TV Line, there was talk over the last few months that a second season of the Barrish family political drama could be produced. Certainly, even if people weren’t watching the Sigourney Weaver and Carla Gugino starring endeavor, people were aware of it—and that could have brought enough attention to USA to warrant a few more episodes. Alas, Political Animals 2 isn't to be, but we can still keep our fingers crossed we will see Weaver in more TV projects in the future.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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