Clear evidence that if you do anything well, regardless of genre, it will make money, the second installment of Taken is about to begin filming in the spring of 2011. The original Liam Neeson vehicle scored rave reviews and wonderful word of mouth en route to more than two hundred and twenty-five million in worldwide grosses. Now it might be ready for a television adaptation.

According to Deadline, the France-based Europacorp production studio is currently mulling over the potential tv version, though no decisions will be made until shooting begins on Taken 2. Violent pun intended. They've already committed forty-eight million to a twelve part Transporter mini-series, which by the way, sounds awesome; so, maybe if the dailies on it come out well, they'll officially give this the go ahead.

I highly doubt Liam Neeson would commit to a television show, but since I haven't heard otherwise, I'll keep hoping.

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